Chubs Gone Wild!

ChubsGW155: Life On The Chub List


CGWpodart2 copy

Intro, Days until Christmas: 131, Days of the Year, Birthdays, Shout outs: Satyr, Jacki & Gabe, Ed Chan, Mike Caffey, Marq, Bigger Vegas 2017, Feedback: Bacon, Jayna, Matt’s Week: The bed, Bingo, Talking Scale, Asian Boy Bands; Tom’s Week: , Jessica Foster Jenkins, Sausage Party, Pete’s Dragon, Fire Wings, Toilet Scale, Lunch, Pensive, Dream Chaser: Godfrey Gao Lunchbox: Kathy, Jayne, Matt, Tom, Let’s Talk Sex: Furries, Small Talk: Spam, Raccoons, Question: Ethics and Plastic Surgeons, Advice, Hot Topics: Olympians and Patriotism, Outro.

New Phone number: 408-69-CHUBS

New email:

Right Click Here To Download ChubsGW155

Plastic Surgery Link: NSFW


Author: MBurlingame

Writer and Podcaster.

2 thoughts on “ChubsGW155: Life On The Chub List

  1. Curious as to the link for the plastic surgery. As a thinner man, I want to see the extreme people go to to be considered “ideal”

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