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ChubsGW167: Chubtopia

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Author: MBurlingame

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One thought on “ChubsGW167: Chubtopia

  1. Hi guys, uh strange new world we’re living in. It may be a bit “too soon” but I wanted to make a few comments about our recent sham of an election. I voted for Jill Stein and I don’t regret doing it. And, as you know, we live in Blue California, so my vote didn’t affect Clinton one way or another.

    The very bitter truth is that Hillary and the DNC stole the Primary from Bernie Sanders, and the Republicans stole the General election from Hillary. And, they used some of the same tactics to do it.

    The GOP also used a program called “CROSSCHECK” to eliminate minority voters. People with the same first and last name were purged from voting roles. So, Juan A. Gomez in Texas, Juan B. Gomez in Florida, Juan C. Gomez in Georgia, etc. were all treated as the SAME person and removed. It didn’t matter that they had different birthdays, addresses, social security numbers, middle names, etc.

    They’ve used “CROSSCHECK” before and nobody seems to be doing ANYTHING about it. And, they’ve NEVER even bothered to prosecute ANY of these supposedly fraudulent voters in the past. This election was stolen.

    I had/have the same sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that Hillary’s supporters do, but many of them were/are “Mean Girls” who happily spat on Bernie Sanders supporters. We were literally told to “Fall In Line Or Fuck Off.” And, were then expected to vote for Hillary.

    And, of course the Main Stream Media is far too busy practicing “Access Journalism” and intentionally dumbing down their content to actually do their job. For instance, Jill Stein is NOT anti-vaccine. She’s a Harvard trained doctor who believes in vaccination. She just said that the possible link between vaccines and Autism SHOULD BE STUDIED. Vaccines can have mercury in them, and it isn’t that hard to believe that injecting mercury into a growing child might affect their brain.

    If you want to learn more (like about the TPP, the Dakota Access Pipeline, etc.) you can watch The Young Turks, TYT Politics, and The Jimmy Dore Show. They can be found on Roku, YouTube, and iTunes. And, Hillary did/does have supporters on The Young Turks.

    There’s also FREE SPEECH TV and “Democracy Now” which can also be found on Roku, YouTube, and iTunes.

    Trump wasn’t willing to respect the results of this election if he lost, and he won’t 4 years from now either.

    P.S. Happy Birthday Matty.

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