Chubs Gone Wild!

ChubsGW194: Gentlemen Prefer Chubs


CGWpodart2 copy

Intro; Days until Christmas; Days of the Year, Birthdays, Shout Outs; Feedback; Matt’s Week; Tom’s Week; Lunchbox; Kindness and Confessions; Hey Chubs…; Advice;  Remember This?, Hot Topics: Outro.

Phone number: 408-69-CHUBS


Right Click Here To Download ChubsGW194


Author: Matt Burlingame

Thriller/Fantasy/SciFi & MM Romance Novelist, Former Journalist, Freelance PR & Web Work, Podcast Host/Producer, WoW Player.

2 thoughts on “ChubsGW194: Gentlemen Prefer Chubs

  1. So I came here to leave a message and all the sudden I get a couple pop-ups telling me that my iPhone has viruses six of them to be exact if I remember

    And being as techy savvy as I am I just decided to come back and try again And look at me It worked

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